Note: These rules does not only applied to all channel channel users but also to administrators and channel operators.

  • Be nice to all.
  • Be courteous and observe proper netiquette.
  • Do not make channel floods of any kind. Any dumping of an enormous amount of texts in the chatroom is considered a channel flood. Repetition of text is also considered a flood because it is not necessary in an ordinary conversation. CTCP, MSG, DCC, or any other personal flooding is strictly prohibited.
  • Keep your language clean. Discrimination, sex conversations, offensive talk, and rude words or terminology is strictly not allowed.
  • Use of offensive nick is strictly prohibited. Remember that the chatroom serves as a venue for people of all ages and different beliefs. Some are extremely sensitive and conservative.
  • People who support and promote pornography by joining channels like #sex, #adult, #etc. are strictly not allowed to enter the channel.
  • If you are harrassed by some individual, use the ignore command to get rid of him. For example, if the irc nick of the perpetrator is moron, type -> /ignore moron. We don’t entertain requests for kick or ban unless the operator on duty has actually seen the offensive action or violation of the reported violator.
  • We only allow a maximum of 12 connections for each specific (local) isp ip host/address. This means that if there are already 13 connections made within a similar ip host/address (clones), the last person will be kicked or banned from the chatroom. This is made upon the operator’s discretion due to max-clones.
  • Connection to foreign open socks firewall is strictly not allowed. This is because most of the CTCP flooders are using such connection to hide their identity. Basically, all joiners in the chatroom are checked whether they are using the firewall or not.
  • Invite Messages of any kind are strictly not allowed,(e.g. on-join msg, channel msg, notices, etc.)
  • Spamming of any kind such as porno, warez, cracks, mp3s, etc. is strictly NOT allowed! These are considered illegal. We do not tolerate them because the Cservice specifically requires strict adherence against such illegal action.
  • There must be no requests for @-status from operators. It is only given to people who have spent a considerable length of time in the channel and are trusted by the majority of operators.
  • The use of mIRC color codes is only allowed to a certain extent. Do not abuse it. Color codes cause visual annoyance and disturbances.
  • An operator is a chosen one, a designated and a trusted member of the chatroom. Few are chosen and make it to the ops family. Becoming an op is not easy. You have to earn it and must show FULL SUPPORT, LOVE and RESPECT to the chatroom.
  • OPS should set as an example or a model(paradigm) to everyone. OPS are not allowed to cuss out! Any OP disrespecting our channel is not worthy of her/his OP. Derogatory remarks to the channel is a big NO-NO for channel OPS. All OPS must show high regards, respect and LOVE to the CHATROOM.
  • ANY OP who attempts to DISRESPECT or make derogatory remarks to our chatroom will not be tolerated and will be rebuked or censured. Derogatory remarks is such A BIG INSULT and DISGRACE to the channel and to the OPS FAMILY… Removal or suspension is imminent! Please be responsible for all your actions.
  • Furthermore, new and senior ops must respect one another. All ops work as a team. It’s a family! If ever there’s misunderstanding among ops, please try to resolve it asap. Report to management for OPS ABUSE or misconduct with proof(logs) to or to Anyone found to be making false claims, or fabrications against fellow ops will be censured.
  • Moreover, please be very observant or vigilant to the channel modes. See to it that the channel is alwayz open for everyone. Make sure that the channel modes is always set to +tnl 2000. Ops make mistakes sometimes. Be extra careful with channel modes such as the ff: 
    (invite modes +i, channel limits +l, channel keys +k) Be careful when giving voice status to people manually. Anyone who persistently sets the channel to any of the aformentioned channel modes will be banned from the channel and will be stripped off of his/her ops status.
  • Deliberate insults to channel administrators will get you banned for life in the channel.
  • Never use the channel topic to INVITE chatters or divert them to other channels. It’s an affront to the channel and will not be tolerated. Not to mention, the obscence or outrageous channel topics. Anyone who persistently breaks this rule will be stripped off of his/her op access/status.
  • We only allow 10 maximum clones from da same network/ip. Don’t forget those chatters from cybercafes. Be careful with your CLONE KICKS. Try to unban cybercafe domains if possible.
  • Please be lenient to chatters. They’re there to chat and have fun. 2 repeat floods is OK. 4 LINES POP UP is OK. Please try to adjust your scripts.